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Why You Should Have a Huawei Account

by Brian Connor

Huawei is no doubt the leading tech company that we should watch out this 2020. A lot of improvements are being launched to improve user experience. The competition in the tech industry is quite strong, and this company is sure not to step away to be on top.

One of the impressive improvements to elevate user experience is through a faster sign-up or account creation. It helps newbies set-up their account with less fuss and confusion while also letting the user navigate what’s in store for them in Huawei.

Easy One-Click Sign-In

All it takes is from the power of your fingertips. With Huawei’s easy one-click sign-in, users can now sign-in through their thumb imprints. No need to put up with a password that’s hard to memorize or deal with complicated password verification processes. Once the user’s account is set-up, the user can easily access the account with one touch.

This makes sense for every consumer since we all live in a fast-paced life. It’s a benefit to have our smartphones handy whenever we need it at work, home, traveling, or wherever we are at the point. The easy one-click sign-in also lets you log-into the Huawei ecosystem by just using your Huawei ID in different devices without extra verification processing. You can have your tablet and smartphones all sync together in unison.

Easy and Fast User Authorization

One of the dilemmas all users deal with new gadgets, software, or online platforms is authorization processing. Each platform has different ways of strictly verifying a user that will sign-up. In turn, when the going gets harder, users can get less patient with dealing with it and end up not signing up for an account.

Huawei acknowledges this bit of inconvenience and wants its users to experience their screens with lesser fuss and easier access. To cater to every user no matter what age, technical experience, or social status, Huawei made it easier to process user authorization. As soon as Huawei grants the initial access permission, users can now enjoy their Huawei ID in any device without having to sign-up again or make a new account for that device.

Easy SMS Verification

Every user’s privacy and security settings are Huawei’s top priority. Although they granted to make account creation easy as one two three, they still want to make sure that your data will always be protected. Besides having it protected with a secured password, Huawei lets the user do a one-time SMS verification code whenever accessing their account on an unknown device.

This protects the user’s data privacy by possibly fraudulent or scammed activities from hackers or whatnot. Easy access doesn’t mean that the user should compromise data safety and privacy. Most smartphones store important information such as personal details, app purchases, bank details, etc. Huawei knows this and launched a one-time SMS verification to verify if it’s the user accessing the specific Huawei ID in another device.

Try this new easy sign-up and account maintenance with Huawei. You’ll surely enjoy the benefits of syncing your device in no time.

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