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Is it profitable to build an app for money?

by Brian Connor

Mobile app development may turn out to be quite profitable for you if you are willing to invest the right amount of time and effort in the field. Still, many factors are going to determine whether your mobile app will end up becoming a financial success for you or not.

High-Quality Camera

If you are building a photo editing app and your camera kit is not up to the mark, you going to lose in the end. Customers who download your app are not concerned as to why you couldn’t add a high-quality camera feature to the app. All they are concerned about is they don’t have that. No matter how sophisticated editing tools you have added to the app, if the customers have to first take pictures from their mobile camera, they will soon switch to the apps that have the built-in feature for a high-quality camera which allows them to take pictures while they are inside the app and edit them accordingly.

If you are planning to build such an app, you can use Huawei’s camera kit to add to the app so that it may not look boring to the customers. With the kit, you will get all the advanced features that Huawei offers to its smartphone users.


When you have built a marvelous app, you are on your way to making money from it. However, you cannot earn a penny if the users don’t hear a word about it. You cannot make money if no one downloads your app. Therefore, you ought to be well-aware of your market. You must be prepared to ask the right questions about the target audience such as what are their interests and what are the driving factors behind downloading such an app. This will give you an insight into why such a product or an app should exist in the play store. Once you have the desired information, you are better positioned to position your app and market it among the right people.

For example, a photo editing app is better positioned if you are marketing it for teenagers. Anyone above the age of 25 is hardly interested in it. So, the key is to find the right people to whom you can sell the app. A thorough marketing strategy is important for your app business.

What is your model?

You have developed an app but you still cannot earn money from it until you are clear about your business model. The business model will shed light on how to make decisions about different things like whether your customers will pay for the app or you will rely on the ads for money. You also can earn from both methods. Customers can then pay to remove the ads just like YouTube.

Earning money from apps is easy if you understand your customers. Once you know what they are thinking, you will automatically create things that are in high need. The golden rule of moneymaking is creating things that a large number of people demand.

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