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What to look out for in a tech watch

by Brian Connor

A tech watch is sometimes referred to as a smartwatch. Buying a tech watch almost feels like buying a smartphone. It can be difficult for newbies to select the right tech watch because there are lots of brands and models to choose from.

Smartphones have a fixed set of functions- they handle incoming and outgoing calls, reception and sending of texts, running different apps, etc. But tech watches like the Watch ES have a broad range of functions which make it even harder to choose from.

Well, this article is here to dispel some of the confusion you may encounter when choosing the right smartwatches. There are some features you need to pay extra attention to when making your choice.

Let’s delve down to the business of the day.

Things to look out for in a tech watch

1. Comfort

Well, for a smartwatch to be considered as one, it must tell the time obviously. A tech watch runs “pint-size” apps and allows you to control your smartphone remotely.

It allows you to receive device notifications and make phone calls! Although it’s not interactive as a smartphone, it allows you to carry out simple tasks without having to run to your phone every time. Plus, it’s less expensive.

Since smartphones are “tiny phones” that can be wrapped around your wrist, they need to be very comfortable. The watch must cling too tightly to your wrist or it may ache you. One finger should be able to slip through

2. Mechanical watch with some smart technologies

If you’re not deep into tech watches but want one that has some embedded smart technologies, which may include a basic notification system and small-capacity fitness tracking. The watch still has the style and price of traditional, mechanical watches.

3. Features that suit your concerns

When looking for features in a smartwatch, choose one that has features that suit your aims, goals, and concerns. For instance, if you’re in the athletics and sports industry or generally trying to burn some calories, you should get a fitness tracking tech watch with a standalone GPS that can track your location and miles you’ve run without your phone.

Want to kill addiction to your phone and social media? Use a tech watch purely to receive messages and get notifications without having to reach for your phone.

4. Long battery life

You wouldn’t want a smartwatch that only lasts for 2 hours or less now, would you?

Battery life is one major thing you should look out for. Although the manufacturers of tech watches haven’t really perfected the art of installing heavy-duty long-lasting batteries in their products (mechanical watches are still far ahead in this game), ensure that you read the descriptions in the product manual to see the battery capacities.

If possible, read online reviews and watch YouTube review videos.

5. Phone compatibility

Last but certainly not least, is your phone compatibility. Is the smartwatch you admire or planning to buy compatible with your IOS or Android Phone?

You wouldn’t want to get a product that can’t give you value for your money.

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